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Published in: Edition 9,

"Happily Ever After: Life After the Ring" and Edition 10, "Auckland in 100 Words: A Sequence of Short Prose"


Lily Holloway

Lily Holloway (she/they) is a forever-queer English Honours student. In her spare time she enjoys reading New Zealand literature and visiting second-hand markets with her girlfriend (to collect vintage Teletubbies paraphernalia, of course). Her creative writing has been published in Starling, Scum, Poetry Lab Shanghai, The Pantograph Punch, Midway Journal, and other various nooks and crannies. She has a chapbook forthcoming in AUP New Poets 8.


Paula Lee

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Paula (she/her) has recently handed in her dissertation as part of a BA/LLB(Hons), double majoring in Politics & International Relations and French. She was published in Edition 4 and joined the IJ team in 2017 as an editor and graphic designer, designing the covers for Editions 5–11. You might find her reading on the job as a Gallery Assistant at the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki. Though she hasn’t touched a paintbrush in 5 years, Paula insists that she still enjoys painting and in her spare time, likes to test the limits of the human caffeine intake. 

Published in: Edition 4, 
"The Paradox of Intersectionality"

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Nithya Narayanan

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Nithya (she/her) is in her fifth year of a BA/LLB(Hons) degree, double majoring in English and Economics for her BA. She joined the editorial team in 2019 and hasn't looked back since! Nithya is a keen poet whose work has previously appeared in StarlingMayhemHainamana, Salty and Best New Zealand Poems. She is also passionate about felines, legal dramas and everything Bollywood.

Published in: Edition 7,

"Depths and Surfaces: The System of Layers in Shakespeare's Richard III"

and Edition 9, "Reimagining History: Objective Identity versus Subjective Alterities in Don Mee Choi's 'Shitty Kitty"

Editorial Team

Published in: Edition 7,

"Depths and Surfaces: The System of Layers in Shakespeare's Richard III"

and Edition 9, "Reimagining History: Objective Identity versus Subjective Alterities in Don Mee Choi's 'Shitty Kitty"


Jacca Chang

Jacca Chang (she/her) is a third year BA/LLB student double majoring in English and History, who has just joined the IJ Editorial Team in 2021! She is an aspiring writer/lawyer who is deeply passionate about all things to do with language. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, painting (badly), and indulging in an unhealthy amount of bubble tea and sweet pastries. 

Published in: Edition 11,

"That 'End of the World' Feeling in the Poetry of Allen Curnow and Hone Tuwhare"


Samantha Cheong

Samantha (she/her) is in her last semester of her Media Studies and Drama degree, teaching guitar to people with much bigger hands. She is still refining her Latin American-focused musical The CactEye, about a group of volunteer cowgirls brave enough to challenge the masculine frontier. She is reconnecting with her Chinese roots at university and in martial arts class, and will never turn down a jam!


Kaitlin Outtrim

Kaitlin (she/her) is in her fourth year studying a BA/BCom in Japanese, International Business, and Marketing. 2021 marks Kaitlin’s first time as editor for the Interesting Journal after being published in Edition 11. Kaitlin is also an Arts+ mentor and research assistant for the New Zealand Asia Institute. Her most prized possession is the music taste she inherited from her dad.

Published in: Edition 11,

"Complicated Cuteness: An Analysis of Kimiko Akita's Critique on Kawaii Artefacts and the Agency of Young Japanese Women"


Shania Pablo

Shania Pablo (they/them) is an Art History Honours student by day and a spoken word poet once every four months. They are passionate about storytelling and providing a safe space for the arts to flourish. Their other passions include reading funny letterboxd reviews, singing loudly in the shower, and wearing lesbian flag inspired outfits.


Ilena Shadbolt

Ilena Shadbolt (she/her) is in her third year of a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and Screen Production and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours). She joins the editorial team in 2021 after being published in the journal the year before, as she believes in valuing and publicising undergraduate writing that would otherwise only be seen by lecturers. Ilena enjoys writing poetry and won the New Zealand Schools Poetry Award in 2018. In her spare time, she produces and writes music and released her debut album Protostar in 2020. If you can’t reach her she’s probably on an elaborately long suburban walk.

Published in: Edition 11,

"Womanhood and Irishness in Éilís Ní Dhuibhne's The Dancers Dancing"


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