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Editors - in - Chief

Jacca Chang

Katie McLean

Published in: Edition 11,

"That 'End of the World' Feeling in the Poetry of Allen Curnow and Hone Tuwhare"

2023 Editorial Team

Amir Jimenez Hambuch

Published in: Edition 12,

Filling in the Gutter

Midori Lindeman

Published in: Edition 13,

'Causation versus Correlation: The Expansion of Mental Institutions in 19th-Century England

Catriona McCallum

Published in: Edition 13,

How the Hereford Mappamundi Illustrates Medieval Mentalities Concerning Geography, History and the Peoples of the Earth

Published in: Edition 7,

"Depths and Surfaces: The System of Layers in Shakespeare's Richard III"

and Edition 9, "Reimagining History: Objective Identity versus Subjective Alterities in Don Mee Choi's 'Shitty Kitty"


If you are interested in joining our team as a content editor or copy editor, we would love to hear from you!

Please note all positions are currently unpaid.

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