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  • Why do you only publish work from the University of Auckland?
    Our team has always been made up of from UoA students, and we have dedicated ourselves to highlighting the work our university. This gives a clear focus to work with. If you're an undergrad from a different place, see if your university has an undergraduate journal! And if not - consider starting one! :)
  • Why do you only publish work from the Faculty of Arts?
    Although we believe all fields of study make fantastic contributions to the academic landscape, our place is to highlight what the Arts contribute. Too often, Arts subjects are belittled or forgotten in larger conversations - and we want to showcase all the insight the arts can bring to these discussions.
  • What Arts subjects do you accept submissions from?
    If you have taken a paper in any of the subjects found on the University of Auckland's Faculty of Arts - Courses and Subjects page, your work is eligible for submission!
  • I am not enrolled in a BA, but I want to submit work I have submitted for an Arts course - can I do this?"
    Yes! As long as the work submitted was for one of the courses on this page, it is eligible to submit. For example, if you are a Law/Science conjoint student who has done an elective paper in History - you can submit work from that History paper! Or if you are a Engineering student who has done a general education paper in Anthropology, any work from that Anthro course can be sent in!
  • I am an Arts student, but taking courses in a non-Arts subject⁠—can I submit work from those papers?"
    Unfortunately no, we only accept submissions from Faculty of Arts courses.
  • Do I have to have submitted my work as a university assignment for it to be eligible for submission?
    Yes - within reason. At the undergraduate level, we currently only accept work written for (or submitted) as an assignment. You may alter small things (and this will likely be part of the peer-review process) to make it more accessible for a general audience, but you cannot submit work that you have written in your own time, or for other (non-course related) projects. Why? Because Interesting Journal wants to focus on the work that the Faculty of Arts inspired you to produce, and highlight the creative ways students will adapt assignment requirements to create great writing. At the Honours level, we will still only accept work written for a university assignment, but we are willing to be more flexible in how you adapt the work. For example, if our submission requirements are 3000-6000 words, but you want to submit a 10,000 word dissertation, we will ask you to cut down your work to fit the publishing word limit we've set. Likewise, if you have a fantastic 2500 essay, you may submit an altered, longer version of your assignment, so it makes it over the 3000 word threshold.
  • Do you accept submissions that aren't in English?
    At this time we ask all non-English submissions are either translated to English for submission (along with a note advising us which language it was originally written in), or are submitted alongside an English translation of the work. If you have any further questions on this, please get in contact! Works in Pākehā that include te reo Māori are accepted and will be judged on a case-by-case basis.
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